Reflective Statement #1

The word innovation comes to my mind when I think about what it means to feed 9 billion people. As well as working and striving towards a goal collectively with like-minded people who share the same passions such as ending world hunger. I believe if we work together and also make more people more aware of global famines and barriers we could bring change to the world in the coming 30 years. I think some of the various parts and aspects of this challenge is going to be culture barriers and the consideration we will have to take in order to adapt and cater to a countries environment, ways of life, tradition, religion, and preference. I also believe we should take into consideration the local hunger we have here in Canada and how the hungry in 1st world countries like Canada are often not represented or do not have a perspective on worldly statistics that show world hunger. I think it is important to work within our community before we can move onto something bigger like the world. Like I said before I believe awareness is important and I think we need to educate people on situations and hunger around the world so we can gain more contribution in working to feed 9 billion people. Taking from my own experience with taking this class, so far I have learned about what is happening in Tanzania with pregnant women restricting their food intake to decrease the size of their babies head for a smoother delivery and how I didn’t know this problem existed until I learned it in this class and I know a lot of other people didn’t know this either. This got me thinking about how many other problems happening in the world that we are not yet aware of. This global challenge is vast and affects many people if not everyone. Not only does it affect those who are living in poverty directly but it also could affect you and the community you live within whether it is you, your family, your culture or how you feel by contributing to feeding 9 billion people. The most important consequence of this global challenge I think would obviously be the goal of this which is successfully feeding 9 billion people but also the sense of determination and discipline someone would gain with having a motivation like this and creating an action plan to turn ideas into action.

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